Google opens beta for future Pixel 6 “June 2022 Feature Drop”

What if we told you that there is an update available right now that will fix the problems you might still be having with your Pixel 6 series handset. Suppose that this update improves the fingerprint scanner, extends the life of the battery, ends the constant disconnections to your Wi-Fi signal, improves wireless charging, and fixes Bluetooth connectivity. But there is a catch.

If you’re interested in getting early access to Android features, then Google has a new beta program for Pixel owners. The search giant has just announced the release of the first beta for its upcoming Quarterly Platform Release (QPR), which are branded as Feature Drops when released to Pixel devices. 9to5Google reports that these features may end up being officially released as part of the Google Pixel’s June update.

According to a new page on Android’s developer site, the beta is available for Pixel devices going back to the Pixel 4. Unfortunately that doesn’t include the Pixel 3A, with 9to5Google noting that its support period is due to end in May.

You can sign up for the beta: here. Anyone on the 12L beta will be automatically transitioned over to the new QPR beta, Google says.

One update could turn your Pixel 6 into the device you always thought it could be

Google opens beta for future Pixel June 2022 Feature Drop

If we told you that the things that ail your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro can be cured with an update would you do it if it means that you will have to wipe your device at some point? Let’s expand on this. Google recently started offering Pixel users the chance to beta test the June Feature Drop. According to some Pixel 6 series users who have installed the first June Feature Drop beta (known as QPR3 Beta 1), it includes the huge number of bug fixes in the March update that Pixel 6 series users are waiting for.

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