How to viral Youtube Shorts #shorts

How to viral Youtube Shorts

When you have an idea, there are two important factors that determine whether or not your video will go viral. The first is the quality of the video itself, and the second is your ability to leverage social media to get the word out about it in a smart way. If you’re thinking about creating your own viral YouTube shorts, here are some tips to help you along the way.

How to make short videos

Short and sweet is key, whether you’re making videos for clients or creating a funny Instagram account just for kicks. Here are some suggestions on how to make short videos that go viral

How long should a video be?

If you’re trying to go viral, shorter is better. A lot of people have a negative association with long-form videos, feeling that they could be doing something more productive with their time. Try to keep your video no longer than 90 seconds; you can always add text on top or share out a link at the end if you want people to learn more about what you do or see a longer version of your content.

Location and Equipment

Before even thinking about shooting, take a moment to consider your location and all of your necessary equipment. The budget for equipment can really depend on what type of video you’re trying to create. For example, if you’re just starting out and don’t have any fancy lights or audio equipment, then you can get away with a much lower budget than if you want professional-quality sound mixing. If a green screen is needed, then that will add another $100-$200 onto your production costs.

What camera should I use?

If you’re making YouTube videos, your camera is a crucial part of your video-making experience. When trying to figure out which camera should be your best friend for shooting high-quality video, it all depends on what kind of video you want to shoot. Most smartphones can shoot high-quality footage and a lot of people choose these as their go-to option. Cameras that have interchangeable lenses will let you take photos from different perspectives, but these are more expensive than regular DSLRs.

Editing Software

In order to make a YouTube video, you will need editing software. There are many available programs, but I recommend PowerDirector by CyberLink. It is made specifically for creating videos and comes with tutorials that show you how to do just about everything. The editing process can take a while, but it’s worth it in terms of creating a professional quality product. To cut your learning curve in half, check out some free YouTube video editors like Movavi Video Editor or Glue.

Practicing Makes Perfect

There are plenty of how-to videos online, but why not make your own? You can share helpful skills with others (not to mention boost your personal brand) by making an instructional video.

Optimizing your video for YouTube

Before you can even start thinking about how to make your video go viral, it’s essential that you optimize your video for YouTube. Fortunately, YouTube itself is a great resource for helping you do just that. If you want some additional tips on optimizing videos specifically for YouTube, check out our guide here. Still confused? You can also ask questions in their community forums. They are pretty active and will often point you in the right direction.

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